User Interface

In this article, you will learn about the User Interface of PageFly.

Step 1: Access the PageFly Settings

To access User Interface, you need to access PageFly app > Settings > User Interface.

user interface

Step 2: Choose the language you want

In this User Interface section, you can select the language of the app user interface.

Currently, PageFly provides 2 languages such as English and Deutsch for you to choose. However, this doesn’t stop there, we are improving to provide more in the future so please stay tuned and do not worry.

Remember to save your work when you finish choosing.

Step 3: See the result on the editor

For example, if you choose the Deutsch, then the interface will turn to this

pagefly user interface germany

And this is the page editor interface

pagefly deutsch

Note that the language you choose here doesn’t affect the language of your online store.

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