How can I access the PageFly 24/7 LiveChat?

In this article, you will know how to access the PageFly 24/7 Live Chat support so you can reach out to the PageFly Support team whenever you need our help.

1. From PageFly WebsiteClick to copy

In our websites, Main site and Help center, please click on the live chat symbol at the bottom right of the page. Our live chat will pop up and our operator will be ready to answer all of your questions regarding PageFly.

access pagefly live chat

2. From PageFly dashboardClick to copy

access pagefly live chat

On the top right in the menu bar of the PageFly dashboard, you can see the button “Open Live Chat”. You just need to click on this button, a chatbox will be shown up so you can compose your message to chat with our support team.

3. From PageFly Page Lists SectionClick to copy

Like in the dashboard, you can access the Live chat on all PageFly page lists by clicking on the button “Open Live Chat” on the top right corner of the menu bar.

access pagefly live chat

4. From PageFly Page EditorClick to copy

When you are in the page editor and you want to chat with us, you can still access the Live chat by clicking on Open Live Chat button on the bottom corner of the left bar.

access pagefly live chat

5. How to Effectively Get Supports from PageFly?Click to copy

In this part, you will learn how to use our Live chat support with efficiency and time-saving.

5.1. Elaborate the question/issue with a screenshot or a videoClick to copy

All our operators are fluent in English and we have a translator in case you are not comfortable using English. However, instead of using text messages to explain yourself, operators can understand you more if you send us screenshots or record a video explaining the problem.

We recommend using Loom to record the video.

5.2. Provide the URL of the live page/the URL of the page editorClick to copy

In some cases, our operators need to see the page on live view to examine the issue and access to the PageFly page editor is also needed to resolve the problem. 

Please provide the necessary URLs if you think they are needed to fix the issue or if they are asked for by our operators.

5.3. Grant access to Shopify AdminClick to copy

If the issue needs to be examined in Shopify Admin or in PageFly editor, we would send you a request to access Shopify Admin. Minimum permissions are requested. Just enough for us to examine the issue. If you agree. please visit your Shopify store administration => “Home” section and accept the request.

The request should look like this

access pagefly live chat

Last but not least, do not hesitate to contact us via the Live chat if you have any questions or need help, our Support team is available 24/7 to assist you!

6. Video TutorialsClick to copy

Start your website design journey today with PageFly and our easy-to-follow video tutorial that will help you get started.

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