Some problems aren’t easy to avoid – even if you try your hardest to avoid them – when using PageFly.

These problems include having a blank space at the top of your page or some related issues on the Shopify theme. Don’t worry, these problems all have simple solutions. You can check the related articles in this Troubleshooting section.

There are occasionally some troubles within the files in the Shopify theme which are related to PageFly. Sometimes, when you’re editing pages with PageFly, you can have problems with the page handle or insert invalid or empty data that causes an error message.

There are also data limit sizes for pages and images in them and they won’t work if you exceed the allowed limit.

An explanation for the specific reasons for errors, as well as solutions, are all included in the corresponding articles in this section.

Our PageFly Support Team is always trying our best to help you anytime you need so do not hesitate to contact us!

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