How To Upgrade PageFly Plan

This guide will show you how to upgrade PageFly Plan in more details. You will also learn when you should upgrade to have more slots in order to level up your store performance.

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In the PageFly Dashboard:

  • Step 1: Head to PageFly Plan > choose Change Plan
  • Step 2: Choose the Plan that suits your needs best and fill out the checkbox to confirm all information.
  • Step 3: Your Monthly Recurring Charge will be recalculated, please check again to make sure you have selected the right plan. Click Update and Proceed to payment to complete.

Ready To Gain Sales?

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OUR TIPS When should you upgrade?

Want to optimize sales funnelClick to copy

“A lot of traffic but no sale” as most eCommerce store owners will tell you. What a shame!

Everyday, you drive your traffic to your home page or landing page. Ideally, the next step of the visitors would be to jump into the product page, finally the cart page if they wish to buy anything.

When one of these pages – home/landing/product pages – does not perform well, the bounce rate will be high. As a result, the customers quit in the middle of the sale funnel and the cart is empty.

It is of great importance to focus on building and optimizing the home/landing and product pages to turn visitors into sales.

Want to invest in branding / enhance store credibilityClick to copy

Every website’s homepage or landing page is the first page users see when they visit, which is a well-known fact.

On the other hand, if they are intrigued by the information on your website’s main page and want to learn more, they will go around to learn more about your business.

So these are the recommended pages you should not miss for an online store:

  • Contact Us page: This page provides all of your contact information, which make it more convenient for the visitors to contact you in case of any concerns. By resolving all the questions of the customers before sale, they are more willing to add your products to the cart.
  • About Us page: This page helps you establish relationships with customers and foster trust by giving the name on the storefront a face and a narrative.
  • FAQs page: This page offers a great opportunity to provide answers to questions not just about your company and most asked questions by visitors.

More pages mean that you stand a higher chance of exposing your business to visitors, give them reasons to trust you, and make other essential details available to those who are looking for them.

Want to perform A/B TestClick to copy

A/B testing is a technique for figuring out whether website design, content, or functionality performs better with your site visitors. You can use it to test a variation or page component that might influence how your customers behave. For example, you might want to send two versions of your landing page to visitors and figure out which one generates more sales.

By using A/B testing, you may greatly enhance the shopping experience for your customers, which will increase click-through rates, conversions, customer loyalty, and many other factors.  Here are some common testing ideas you can apply:

  • Different page layouts.
  • Homepage and landing page.
  • Product pages, category pages and product descriptions.

More pages to A/B testing provides you a better overview of the page performance and you can easily choose what works best for your store conversion.

Have more than one productClick to copy

Product pages are designed to provide key information on a particular product with relevant images, or videos, as well as a simple way for a customer to instantly buy that product online.

On this page, customers will learn why your product is worthwhile, what concerns or problems it resolves, and a list of the product details a buyer needs to see in order to make a purchase.

When you have more than one product needed to make sales, then personalizing the product page towards the target audience to increase conversion is recommended.

How PageFly billing works?Click to copy

Your PageFly monthly subscription will be charged by Shopify App charges. We do not have any special charging model except the one that’s officially allowed and supported by Shopify.

Here are some important reminders:

  • PageFly offers a Free plan, therefore PageFly’s billing cycle starts only when you start using a paid plan, i.e. explicitly approve the charge in the store administration interface.
  • PageFly’s billing cycle works independently from Shopify’s billing cycle.
  • Shopify’s billing cycle is fixed to 30 days, or 1, 2, or 3 years. But PageFly’s billing cycle is fixed to 30 days.

You can find full details about PageFly Billing in this article.

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