What happens if I downgrade?

In this article, you will learn about what will happen to your PageFly pages after you cancel your PageFly paid subscription and go to FREE plan.

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When you downgrade from a paid plan to a FREE plan, you can still edit pages which you had built and use all PageFly’s elements and features.

However, you only have 1 slot of page or section to publish. You can compare the FREE plan with the PAID plans from PageFly pricing plan.

free plan

Before you cancel the subscription, remember to hit UNPUBLISH on your PageFly pages to make sure you only have 1 page or section are published.


Important: Once you downgrade to Free plan, there’s no other way to publish more than 1 page or section except of upgrade to a paid plan.

pricing plan

Note: After downgrading, if you switch into a higher plan, its plan benefits still be performed fully as normal. Let check the Pricing plans to know more about plan’s benefit.

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