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PageFly Pages List outlines the specific types of pages that you can use in your shop. There are a total of six pages listed in six different page types. You can choose from Regular pages, Homepages, Product pages, Collection pages, Blog posts, and Password pages.

page list

For additional details, we encourage you to view this video tutorial:

1. Create a Page Button

Another way to create a page is to access the page list and click the Create a new page button on the top right. Here your page will automatically assign its page type from the first click.

page list

Here, you have the option to import or export pages as needed.

page list

For more details about this feature, please check this video tutorial:

2. List of Pages

In this operating area, you will see the list of all pages created for each particular type, in this example, it is a regular page type.

page list

You can see the page title, the latest update, and the state of the page (published or unpublished).

Select a page to view its publication status. Next, click on the three dots to reveal the available functions, which may include the following:

  • View analytics
  • Preview
  • View page settings
  • View page assignment
  • Duplicate
  • Export
  • Delete

page list

To access the page settings page, click on the settings icon. This will redirect you to the appropriate page where you can adjust your desired settings. For further information on page settings, please refer to the accompanying article.

page list

3. Page Filter, Search and Sort

The search bar allows you to find the page from its title. Beside, you can simply filter the pages by selecting page type and status.

page list

Another useful feature available to you is the ability to sort your pages based on either alphabetical order or updated time. This can help you better manage your list

To create a new filter, simply select the desired page type and status, and then save your filter by entering a relevant tab name. Click on the “Save” button to complete the process.

page list

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