PageFly video tutorials

PageFly video tutorials will help you have a better demonstration of PageFly and using PageFly to creates pages and build your Shopify stores.

PageFly video tutorials are separated into 3 playlists, which are listed below:

PageFly Overview

There are 3 videos in this playlist. They will show you how to get to begin with PageFly and give you the basic knowledge of page structure, page elements as well as the margin and padding of PageFly.

PageFly Pages

This PageFly Pages playlist indicates everything related to the PageFly page and the videos in this playlist will show you specifically. They are the ways to work with the home page, collection page, blog post page, password page, and many things related to Shopify.

PageFly Elements

PageFly has a large number of elements which help you to build your beautiful store and increase the conversion rate. These videos in this playlist will demonstrate some not only basic but also essential elements to help you to customize your pages. Let’s check them now!

Using PageFly for holiday seasons

PageFly for Beginners

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PageFly Languagues

PageFly Help Center is now available in French, Portuguese and Chinese. Please check the flags on the page header.

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