Tutoriels vidéo PageFly

The PageFly video tutorials will allow you to have a better understanding of PageFly to create your pages and build your Shopify stores.

PageFly’s video tutorials are separated into 3 playlists, which are listed below:

Introducing PageFly

There are 3 videos in this playlist. They will show you how to get started with PageFly and give you the basic knowledge of page structures, page elements and also PageFly margins and padding.

PageFly Pages

This PageFly Pages playlist includes videos on all there is to know about PageFly Pages. Including how to make a homepage, collection page, blog post page, password page, and many other things related to Shopify.

PageFly elements

PageFly has a lot of features that will help you build your awesome store and increase your conversion rate. The videos in this playlist will show you how the basics work as well as the essentials to help you customize your pages.

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