Shopify 元素 – 联系人表单

In this article, you will learn about one of the Shopify elements in PageFly , the contact form .

About the contact form element

Contact form elements can help you gather messages or inquiries from customers more easily to increase conversion rates.

pagefly contact form

You can check more details in the video tutorial below.

Messages from customers will go directly to the customer email you set up in Shopify Admin > Settings > General .

There are many variants of contact form elements to meet most of your needs, you can customize the form by adding contact form fields, contact form buttons and other elements such as Youtube videos.

Drag a variant to a layout to see many configurations of the element.

Contact form element configuration

The contact form element comes with several adjustable parameters to adjust the content and appearance to achieve the best conversion rate.

Select an element in the layout to view its parameters.

contact form pagefly
The parameters in the General and Style tabs are used to customize this element.

General option parameters
1. Content
  • Show Confirmation: Show client success/error messages
    • Success message: the text displayed after the form is submitted successfully
    • Error Message: The text displayed after a failed form submission
2. Operation
  • Redirect After Submit: Enable redirect after customer submit
    • Redirect URL: Enter a URL or choose your website’s URL
    • Redirect delay (seconds): Redirect after a specified delay in seconds (the minimum value is 1 second, and the maximum value is 10 seconds)
3. Properties You can read more here .
4. Visibility You can read more here .
5. Animation effect You can read more here .
style option parameter
1. OverallYou can read about all these parameters here .
2. MarginsYou can read about all these parameters here .
3. Typesetting and printingYou can read about all these parameters here .
4. BackgroundYou can read about all these parameters here .
5. BorderYou can read about all these parameters here .
6. DisplayYou can read about all these parameters here .
7. Custom CSSYou can read about all these parameters here .


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