In this article, you will learn about product line details (new Shopify elements in PageFlye 2.5.0 version).

About the Product Family Detail Element

The Collection Detail element puts any collection from your Shopify store on the page in hopes of increasing conversions. If you don’t like Shopify’s default collection element on the collection page, you can use the collection detail element to promote you on any non-collection page & collection page.

Note: Using this element on a collection page type will result in two collection elements on the page. Shopify product family elements can be removed, you can turn off this feature by selecting Customize in the page layout on the page settings.

shopify elements collection details

The Collection Detail element has two common variants, and we’ll continue to add more to help you save time.

Note that you can use the search function to find this element, not in the sidebar.

Drag a variant into a layout and see how to configure it.

Product Family Detail Element Configuration

The Collection Details element has a number of parameters that allow you to fine-tune the appearance of your content for optimal conversion rates.

Select an element in the layout to view its parameters.

When dragging and dropping the Product Line Details element to the editor page. The “Collection Source” option has 2 options for you to choose from:

  • automatic
  • Custom product line

Note that if you use the “Collection Detail” element on the “Collection Page”, you can select the “Product Source” option. However, if you are in a regular page and using this element, the “Collection Source” option is disabled by default and “Custom Collection” is selected.

If “Automatic” is selected, a product will be assigned when this collection page is created and it will be displayed in the page editor. The Automatic option is the default option when using the Product Family Details element.

shopify elements collection details

You can select “Custom Collection” and select the desired product.

shopify elements collection details

General option parameters
1. Content
  • Product range source :
    • automatic
    • Custom Product Family : Select the product family, then select the desired default variant
2. Tracking
  • Add Google Analytics events to your general account. You can learn how to set it up here .
  • Facebook Pixel activity when a customer clicks on an element. You can read more here .
3. Properties  You can read more here .
4. Visibility  You can read more here .
5. Animation effect  You can read more here .
style option parameter
1. Overall You can read about all these parameters here .
2. Margins You can read about all these parameters here .
3. Typesetting and printing You can read about all these parameters here .
4. Background You can read about all these parameters here .
5. Border You can read about all these parameters here .
6. Display You can read about all these parameters here .
7. Custom CSS You can read about all these parameters here .

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