Shopify元素- 产品描述

In this article, you’ll learn about another Shopify element: product descriptions.

About the Product Description Element

The “Product Description” element is used to display descriptions of your Shopify products to increase conversions. You can use the “Product Description” element to promote your product on product pages as well as non-product pages.

Note that you can use the search function to find this element, not in the sidebar.

There are two common variations of the Product Description element, and we’ll continue to add more to help you save time.

Drag a variant to a layout and see how to configure it.

Product description element configuration

The Product Description element comes with a number of parameters that allow you to fine-tune the appearance of your content for optimal conversion rates.

Select this element in the layout to view its parameters.

When dragging and dropping the “Product Description” element to the editor page, there are 2 options for “Product Source”:

  • automatic
  • custom product

Note that if you are using the Product Description element in your Product Page, you can select the Product Source option. However, when you use this element in the “General Page”, the “Product Source” option is disabled by default, and “Custom Product” is selected.

If “Automatic” is selected, the product assigned when this product page was created will be displayed in the page editor. The Automatic option is the default when you use the Product Description element.

You can select “Custom Products” and select the desired product.

General option parameters
1. Content Show Description : There are 2 options to show description Full Show and Summary Show
  1. Show Full : Select this option to show the full description.
  2. Summary Display : Select this option to display a code summary with the following settings:
  • Abstract Length (Words) : Adjust the number of words to display.
  • Show “More” link : Enable this option to show the full description with the following settings:
    • “More” text : Enter the “Show more” text. When a customer clicks on that text, the description will be displayed in full.
    • “Less” Text : Enter the “Show Less” text. When the customer clicks on this text, it will return to the original display section description.
2. Properties  You can read more here .
3. Visibility  You can read more here .
4. Animation effect  You can read more here .
style option parameter
1. Overall You can read about all these parameters here .
2. Margins You can read about all these parameters here .
3. Typesetting and printing You can read about all these parameters here .
4. Background You can read about all these parameters here .
5. Border You can read about all these parameters here .
6. Display You can read about all these parameters here .
7. Custom CSS You can read about all these parameters here .

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