MailChimp 表单元素



步骤 1: 访问您的MailChimp账号

访问您的 MailChimp 账号 > 转到 听众 > 选择您的听众.


Then, go to Audience > choose your audience.

Note that you just need to sign up/ log into this link This article is not used for the MailChimp Form app of the Shopify app store.

If you have more than one audience, click the Current audience drop-down and select the one you want to work with.

integrate mailchimp form

步骤 2: 转到注册表单


pagefly integrates mailchimp form

步骤 3: 选择嵌入式表单

pagefly integrates mailchimp form 2

步骤 4: 选择一种表单类型并自定义表单选项

There are 5 types of form for you to choose such as Classic, Condensed, Horizontal, Unstyled, and Advanced. In this example, we choose the Classic Form like the image below:pagefly integrates mailchimp form 4

步骤 5:从代码文本框中复制操作URL

查找表单操作代码 > 复制双引号之间的 https:// 开头的所有文本。

In this example, the code here is “

integrate mailchimp form 5

步骤 6:使用复制的代码激活MailChimp表单元素

MailChimp Form elementClick to copy

点击 添加元素 > 高级 > 选择MailChimp表单元素。

Use the copied codeClick to copy


步骤 7: 保存 & 发布

单击发布按钮,您将看到一条确认消息,保存更改。 然后,单击实时视图以查看结果。

最后结果是,当访问者填写电子邮件地址并单击“订购”时,他们将被重定向到订购确认页面。 在此示例中,订购确认页面如下所示。 当您单击订购按钮时,无法停留在同一页面上。

integrate mailchimp form 9

Using a form for the Contact page of your store is a great way to get more customers and increase conversion rates as well. Check this guide to know more details and tips to take advantage of it.

Limitation of the fieldsClick to copy

Note that currently, the MailChimp Form element can only show 2 fields such as Name and Email. This does not support more than 2 fields.

Using contact form is a great way to acquire and nurture customers – check out 50+ other approaches to convert visitors to customers in our Exclusive Content: Conversion Rate Optimization Guide.

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