Pre-made sections

This element is available on all PageFly plans

In this article, you will learn about the Pre-made sections included in the app.

About pre-made sections

PageFly includes pre-made sections that can be used to build a page. Each section is a combination of page elements, designed to save your time and inspire you in building your page. You are provided several pre-built sections that can be used instantly.

You can find these sections by choosing the Add elements icon of the Element Catalog

pre-designed section

There are 8 pre-made sections for you to choose such as

  • Image with text overlay
  • Image with text
  • Icon with text
  • Testimonial
  • Tab product
  • Pricing table
  • Newsletter
  • Team member

The structure of the pre-made sections

For example, let’s take a look at the Image with text overlay section

Section’s configuration

The Image with text overlay section (as well as other pre-made sections) comes with various parameters for you to reach the best possible conversion rate.

Select the section in the layout to see its parameters.

pre-made sections pagefly
In this article, we will show the parameters in the General and Styling tabs.

General tab’s parameters

The parameters in the General tab for the section include:


Row: you can duplicate or delete the row by choosing the corresponding icons. You can also add any row you want by choosing the Add Row button.

You can enable or disable the Set Fixed Width option and adjust the Max Width for the section.

2, ATTRIBUTES; VISIBILITY; ANIMATION: these are the group of 3 elements that all elements have. You can read more here.

Styling tab’s parameter

The parameters in the Styling tab for the heading element include:


You can read about all these parameters here.

To change the image for the Image with text element, you need to select the Hero on the breadcrumb, go to the Styling tab and scroll down to the BACKGROUND parameter, in the Background Image section, choose the image like the image below

You can read more here about how to use the Image Manager to upload the media files.

Nested elements configuration

Please note that each pre-made sections have its own elements inside.

In this example of the Image with text overlay section, it has 3 elements inside includes in

Click on each element to make the settings for it.

In case you want to save a section that you made before, you can use the Saved Section function.

Below is the video tutorial, you can check it

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