Errors: Not Found Shopify page to update

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In this article, you will learn to fix the issue “Errors: Not Found Shopify page to update!” that might appear when you are trying to Save & Publish a page.

This error happens when the page can’t find its data to be published. In other words, you (or someone from your team) have accidentally deleted the PageFly page in Shopify database.

Step 1: Restore the page’s data

Go to the Manage Pages > click Duplicate icon of the page that has problem. By duplicating the page, we will create a new copied version in the Shopify database.

Delete the old page.

Step 2: Rename the page

The new page will be automatically named as “X – copy”, and its URL is “…/pages/X-copy”. Open the new page to rename its title and its URL to the original one.

In this example, the renamed page is “Landing”, and the right URL is “…/pages/landing”.

Hit Save & Publish and check at front-end.

Step 3: Make sure Shopify page is created

Go to Shopify admin > Online Store > Pages to check if the new page has its data saved in the database.

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