1. 新規の料金プランも月額料金として請求されます。
  2. 自分の要求に応じて「新規の料金モデルに切り替える」を選択することができます。ただし、新規の料金モデルに切り替えた場合、既存のプランに戻すことが不可なので、ご注意ください。


  1. まず、PageFlyのダッシュボードには、「実際に使用した分のみ支払うことにより節約するため、使用ベースの料金モデルに切り替えます。」通知の横に「すぐ切り替える」ボタンをクリックします。

        2. 「すぐ切り替える」ボタンをクリックすると、プランを選択する画面に遷移されます。 ––––







2022 年 9 月 29 日以降に PageFly をインストールした場合は、こちらの新しい価格表を確認してください。 





Enterprise is an ultimate package with exclusive services, including:

  • Unlimited publishable slots
  • Unlimited tracking sessions
  • Priority support (Live chat & Video call)
  • Speed optimization support
  • More upcoming exclusive features

Enterprise Plan costs 199 US$ monthly, however if you buy an annual package, you can save 17% which is equal to 165,8 US$ for Monthly Recurring Charge. 

All plans in the new pricing modelClick to copy

With users install PageFly before September 29th, 2022:

You can check this table for all information of new pricing model:

PageFly Pricing plans

With users install PageFly from September 29th, 2022:

On September 29th, 2022, PageFly has a new pricing rank that will let you have more options while upgrading your PageFly account! You can check this table for all new updates. This pricing table only applies for new users who install PageFly from September 29th, 2022.

How to Downgrade?Click to copy

After switching to new pricing model, if you want to downgrade:

1. First, you need to Unpublish your pages to the corresponding number of slots in the plan you want to downgrade to.

For example, if you are in 40 slots plan and having 30 pages and sections have been published, now you want to downgrade to free plan, you will need to unpublish all pages and sections until there is only 1 page or section is published (which mean you will need to unpublish 29 pages and sections in total) then you can move to next step!

2. In the PageFly Dashboard, head to Settings > Account > Account Status > choose Switch Plan > Choose the Plan you want to downgrade > the system will re-calculate the Monthly Recurring Charge > click Continue to complete.

How to Upgrade?Click to copy

It is same as downgrading.

In the PageFly Dashboard, head to Settings > Account > Account Status > choose Switch Plan > Choose the Plan you want to upgrade > the system will re-calculate the Monthly Recurring Charge > click Continue to complete.


Frequently Asked QuestionsClick to copy

  1. What happens to users who are still using the old pricing plan?

For those who stay at the old pricing plan, nothing will change except that you will no longer have access to PageFly’s Referral Program anymore.

      2. Is there a different price for certain page types?

No, there’s no discrimination over the page price. No matter what page type you publish, it will count as one page. 

      3. What happens if I want to downgrade from paid slots to free?

If you want to downgrade, you’ll have to unpublish your pages until there’s only 1  slot left (which is the amount of slot allowed on the FREE version)

      4. If I subscribe to the unlimited blog pages, will my blog pages be counted in my slots?

No, your blog pages will be counted separately from your published page slots.

     5. Can I go back to the old pricing after switching to the new one?

No, once you’ve switched to the new pricing model, you can’t revert back to the old one.

     6. Can I use the old pricing plan if I uninstalled then installed the app again?

If you uninstall PageFly and install the app again, the new pricing plan will be automatically applied, there is no way to go back to the old pricing plan anymore. 

If you have further questions, please join our community. This community is exclusive for PageFly merchants only with our experts and merchants from all around the world!


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