PageFly - Version History

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Important: This feature is only available on the Premium plan

In this article, you will learn about version history and how to revert your page back to a previously saved version.

What is Version History?

Version History feature allows you to check and restore to all the previously saved versions and the current version of your PageFly page, which can be accessed from within the editor.

Where Version History located

Current version Stores all the current contents on the page and it will be autosaved every 5 seconds if there is a change on the page.
Saved versions Lists the 10 most recent versions of your page. Each version will be automated generate every time the Save or Save & Publish button is clicked.

Restore your page to a previously saved version

You can preview a version by selecting it, make sure you scroll down to see the whole page before deciding to restore your page to this version.

Previously saved version

Once you clicked on the Restore This Version button, there will be a pop-up confirmation dialogue to reaffirm the query before performing the restoration process.

Confirmation dialogue