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In this article, you will learn about the Element toolbar and how to use it.

About element toolbar

Whenever you select any element in the editor, the element toolbar will appear right away. You will notice a Toolbar sticking to that element as a black panel.

Where the toolbar of an element located

Let’s take a look at the functions of the element toolbar.

Element toolbar functions

Functions on element toolbar
  1. Move (or Drag and Drop): Select to choose and move the element
  2. Duplicate: Select to make a copy of the element
  3. Delete: Select to delete the element
  4. Lock: Select to lock the element
  5. Pick a style: Select to choose the style that was saved before
  6. Save Style: Select to save the style for later uses.
  7. Copy Style: Select to copy the style of the element
  8. Paste Style: Select to paste the copied style to the element
  9. Save section to library: Select to save the section so it can be used at other location. This icon only available if you clicked on a section

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