PageFly - Use pre-defined styles

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Important: This feature is only available on the Pro plan

In this article, you will learn how to take advantage of the Pre-defined Style feature to save the styling of Box, Button, or Text and re-use it on any element of the same type.

Part A: Create new style

In the Pre-defined styles screen, you can find all the saved styles or add the new styles for Box, Button and Text. In order to add a style, simply click Add new styles and name it via Style Name field in the General tab.

Where Pre-defined styles screen located

Once you have selected a style, switch to the Styling tab and style it normally like you would do for an element. In this example, we added a box style called “Green Box Style” and give it a green background color.

Create a new Box style

Part B: Apply the saved styles

In order to apply the style you have created and customized in Pre-defined Style, you need to pick an element of the same type as the style you want to apply. Please notice that the pre-defined styles only available on that specific page that you created them on.

Since we previously added a Box style, it can be applied to any element that is a container such as Block, Column, Row or Section. Select the correct element and click on Pick a style icon on the Element toolbar.

"Pick a style" on element toolbar

You will see all the styles you created for that element type listed in Pre-defined Styles panel.

Pre-defined Styles panel

Click on the style you want and it will be applied to the currently selected element.

Apply saved styles