PageFly - Upload files to my page

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In this article, you will learn how to host files on Shopify server and link them to your pages so they will be available for visitors to download or for you to use as content on your page.

Step 1: Host files on Shopify Server

Navigate to Shopify admin > Settings > Files.

Files option in Shopify Settings

Then upload your files here using the Upload files button.

Click to upload files to Shopify server

Remember: Each file must be smaller than 20Mb to be uploaded, this is Shopify’s limit. When the file is uploaded, copy its URL to be used in the next step.

After uploaded, each file will have a unique URL

Step 2: Use files on a PageFly page

Now you have the file ready on Shopify server, you can link it to a PageFly page via a clickable Button element, a text that displays as a hyperlink or as a content for Image element.

Make file downloadable via a button

Click on this button will download a file at the given URL

  • Select a Button element on your page.
  • In General tab > Action section > Go To URL.
  • Paste the file’s URL you have from the previous step here.
  • Note that this can be achieved by any PageFly element that can carry a link as well (Image, Column, Icon, etc.)

Click on this hyperlink text will download a file at the given URL

  • Select the whole Paragraph or a specific piece of text that you would want to turn into the hyperlink.
  • Click on the Insert Link button on the Element toolbar
  • Past the file’s URL you got from the previous step.

Now when your customers click on the button or the hyperlink, the file will be downloaded to their devices.

Use directly as page content

Since PageFly doesn’t allow any image that is larger than 2MB to be uploaded and used, you can use Shopify server to host these large images and paste the URL into General tab > Content section > Image field of an Image element.

Use the hosted file as content for Image element

Or in Styling tab > Background section > Image field of any element that can have an image background (Column, Row, Section, Button, etc).

Use the hosted file as background image


  • For more information about Shopify File Requirements and types, please check here.
  • If you don’t want to host your file on Shopify server, you can choose to upload it on other hosting servers like Google Drive or Dropbox, then get the file URL and follow these steps above to link files to a PageFly page as normal!