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In this article, you will learn about the top sections of PageFly editor page.

Top bar

The top bar includes all useful links to Submit a support ticket, Live chat, Help center, Dashboard, Manage account.

Top bar key features

Key features in the top bar:

1 – Go to DashboardClick to go back to the PageFly app dashboard
2 – Free ServiceClick to submit a form for free service request (only available for PREMIUM user)
3 – DOCClick to check on PageFly documentations at our help center
4 – Submit TicketClick to go to the Help Center and submit a new support ticket
5 – Live ChatClick to open the live chat window to start or continue a conversation with PageFly support agents
6 – ManagementLinks to your Account setting, Page list, Log out, PageFly’s help center and Facebook group

Menu bar includes settings for your Page Title, Website SEO and Save option.

Menu bar key features

Key features in the menu bar:

1 – Enter Page TitleEnter the page name. This name will be displayed in your PageFly Manage pages dashboard
2 – Page Settings
  1. General
  2. Website SEO

For more details please scroll down to the bottom of this page.

3 – Pick A TemplateClick to open the Template Library. PageFly support 40+ page templates. Note that if you choose another template while editing your page, all the current content on that page will be gone.
4 – Device SwitcherClick to choose the device screen you want to see or customize the design layout on (default mode is All, you can choose Laptop, Tablet, or Mobile)
5 – Undo and RedoClick Undo to erases the last change done to the page reverting it to an older state. Redo reverses the undo or advances the page to a more current state
6 – Import & ExportImport or export the the current page in JSON format file. Use this feature to migrate the page from one store to another one.
7 – View
  • Preview: see the preview of your page. Note that some page elements must use data from Shopify (product variants, product list other, etc) and can only be fully displayed on live page but not in this mode.
  • Live page: see the live version of the current page.
8 – CloseClick to close without save and back to PageFly Manage pages dashboard
9 – DiscardClick to remove all unsaved changes on the current page
10 – SaveClick to save all changes to the page without publishing
11 – Save & PublishSave the page and synchronize it to your Shopify store

Page Settings

As you can see the page settings have two tabs: General and Website SEO.


Depending on the type of your page (Home, Product, Regular, Blog, Collection, Password) the settings might be different.

Page Settings key features

Key features in the General tab:

1 – VisiblePublish or Unpublish your page to your Shopify store
2 – Hide header and footerHide or display the header and footer of your page

Website SEO

Website SEO key features

Key features in the Website SEO tab:

1 – SEO TitleThe page title for onsite search engine optimization.
2 – Meta descriptionDescribe what is your page about in here. One of onsite search engine optimization technique.
3 – URL and handleCustomize your page URL to make it SEO friendly.

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