PageFly - Support policy

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In this article, you will learn about the details of PageFly’s support policy. This article will tell you all about what you can expect from us.

About support service

Product support is a free service provided by the SellerSmith team. We offer technical support to PageFly users via in-app live chat and email. We will help you with issues regarding installation, usage, account and membership.

If you are not a PageFly user but still need some general information regarding PageFly or our company, feel free to contact us, we are happy to answer your questions.

For customers

To receive the best support quality, please follow some rules:

  • Use polite language when communicating for support request.
  • Describe your problems as detailed as possible (screenshots or videos are highly recommended).
  • In some cases, leave your site URL and staff account.

We have a Help Center that has answers for popular questions about PageFly. The Help Center also guides users through technical issues that usually occur while using the app.

Therefore, before submitting a support request, please check the Help Center so you can be more active in finding solutions.

Support hours

Our official support hours are Monday to Friday, 9am-6pm, Vietnam timezone (GMT +7). You will most likely get the first response within 2 hours for live chat and 6 hours for email.

Besides this time range, support is still provided but a delay should be expected. Response time can vary from time to time and can go up to 6 hours from Monday to Friday and up to 12 hours for Sat and Sun. Support inquiries may be submitted at any time.

Please note that customization requests may take longer to resolve.

Support channels

Official channels with priority

  • View Help Center
  • Open a support ticket in-app via Intercom live chat
  • Send an email on PageFly app listing
  • Send a direct email to

Extent of our support

The scope of our support includes the following:

  • Bug fixes.
  • Configuration questions or guidance of PageFly app.
  • Compatibility issues with Shopify theme.
  • Configuration of Shopify Store settings.
  • Fixing Shopify theme issues.
  • Editing code for compatibility with other third-party apps.

Each support task should last 30 minutes maximum. We do not offer support to anything not related to our products or services (e.g. third-party themes and apps).

We reserve the rights to refuse to help or request for an additional fee if your task is considered complex or external to our scope of support. We highly encourage you to spend some time familiarizing with PageFly to optimize its features and functions.


As part of our premium support, we will help you with minor customizations (for example, overriding custom CSS code) in PageFly. However, we reserve the right to ask for an additional fee if your request is considered a new customization or design.

If the support task lasts longer than 30 minutes, it will be considered a service and an additional fee may be requested.