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Important: This feature is only available on the Pro plan

In this article, you will learn about Add to cart button – one of the Shopify elements in PageFly.

About Add to cart button element

The Add to cart button element helps your visitors add a specific product of your choice to their shopping cart. For example, you can build a beautiful landing page to showcase your product and finalize with CTA Add to cart button element.

Where the Add to cart button is located

Drag this button to the layout and see how it can be configured.

Add to cart button element configuration

This element comes with a number of setting options that you can use to make it match your design and demands.

Select the element in the layout to see its parameters.

General tab configuration of Add to cart button

The parameters in General tab are specific for this element.

The parameters in Styling and Advanced tabs are common for all elements. Read about them in this article.

ProductChoose a product to associate with this Add to cart button
Button TextThe displayed text on the button
Redirect to CheckoutIf this is enabled, your customer will be redirected to Checkout page instead of Cart page.
Enable AjaxLet visitors stay on the same page after clicking on add to cart button or redirect to the cart page
Google AnalyticsFire Google Analytics event to your Google Analytics account
Pixel EventFire Facebook pixel events:

  • Search
  • View Content
  • Add To Cart
  • Add To Wishlist
  • Initiate Checkout
  • Add Payment Info
  • Purchase
  • Lead
  • Complete Registration
  • Custom Event

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