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In this article, you will learn about the Saved Section feature to save you hours of design work. It lets you save a designed section and re-use it on other pages.

Save a section for later use

When you select a Section, the Element Toolbar will pop up.

Choose the last icon to save the section to the section library.

Where Save Section feature located

A modal will pop up to let you name the section > hit Save.

The Section Library is located on the sidebar, third icon from the top.

Where previous saved section located

Access to saved sections

Previous saved sectionsWhen you select the Section Library, a panel will display the saved sections.

The search bar on top helps you search for the right one to use.

To see the limit of saved section in each plan, check out PageFly – Pricing plan.

You can re-use this section on the same page, or go to a different page, open the Section Library > drag the section that you want to reuse.

Demonstrate how the Saved Section work

Et voila.

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