PageFly - Page outline

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In this article, you will learn about Page outline feature and how to use it.

About Page outline

Have you ever wondered how you could keep track of all of sections and elements on your page as in a whole picture? Page Outline is the answer to that question.

The outline is just a simple record of sections, row, columns and specific elements used on your page. Thanks to that, you can easily navigate to the element you would like to work on by click on the name of that element on the layout.

Where Page Outline located

To explore the outline of your page, just simply click on the symbol on the left-hand side as in the screenshot. A panel will open afterward.

By default, your page is divided into sections, to explore more what each section contains, just open it by clicking on the arrow next to each section.

The order of sections, columns, rows or elements can also be rearranged by dragging that section, column, row or elements to the position that you want.

Using Page Outline

Page outline settings

By clicking on the three dots symbol next to each item in the Page outline, you will see multiple quick settings for that item.

Quick settings on Page Outline

  • Lock: Prevent that item to be rearranged
  • Remove: Delete that item from the list and on the canvas as well
  • Duplicate: Make a copy of that item right beneath the position of the original version
  • Hide On: Choose to hide that item on Desktop, Laptop, Tablet or Mobile. You can select more than one option.

Additionally, if you find the name of the element in Page outline confusing because they are all using the default name such as Section, Row, Column or element’s name. You can give each element a desired name in the Advanced tab of that element.

Changing element name in Advanced tab