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In this article, you will learn to link an email address and/or a phone number to an element so your customers can quickly send an email or make a phone call to you without leaving the page.

This tip comes in super handy when applied in the Contact page of your store.

A typical Contact Us section with Phone and Email blocks

First, select the element you want to insert the link (a button, an icon or a block – check the breadcrumbs to make sure you got the right one).

Go to General tab > Action > find Go To URL.

Go To URL option in General tab

Link your phone number

In the Go To URL field:

  • To link to a phone number, type “tel:your-phone-number” (for example: “tel:1234567”)

Telephone example

Link your email address

  • To link to an email address, type “” (for example: “”)

Email address example

Save & Publish to check the result on your Live page.

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