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In this article, you will learn how to help visitors quickly jump within a page with an anchor link. An anchor link is an internal link inside a page that allows visitors to jump to a specific part of that page.

Step 1: Set the target

Target is where the visitor will jump to after clicking on an element.

First, select the element that you want to set as the target. Check the Breadcrumbs at the bottom bar to make sure you got the right one. In the Element Inspector, choose Advanced tab > enter a unique id to ID parameter for this target. In our example, the target’s id is “sale”.

Set ID for target part

Step 2: Create the trigger

Trigger is where the visitor clicks to make the “jump”.

Select what you want to make the trigger, which can be anything: button, image, column, etc. In the Element Inspector, choose General tab > enter symbol “#” and target’s id to parameter Go to URL. In the example, we fill in “#sale”.

Set the action type to “Self”.

Set ID for trigger part

Finally, hit Save or Save & Publish to record the page. Check the result on your Live page

Extra: Tip for a smooth scroll

Select the trigger.

Go to General tab > change parameter Go to URL to “#”.
Smooth scroll setup 2Then, go to Advanced tab > enter a unique id for this trigger. In our example, it is “jump-sale”.

Open the Custom Code Editor

Where custom code editor is located

and paste in the below JS code into the Custom JavaScript box:Important: You can change “#jump-sale” and “#sale” to any other id that you want.

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