PageFly - Integrate to show reviews on my page

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In this article, you will learn about Product Reviews element and how to use it. To start, install to your Shopify store. 


Install PageFly

About Product Reviews element Product Reviews element presents testimonial of your product to boost customer’s trust about the product’s quality. Ultimately, it increases conversion rate and sales.

You can use the Product Reviews element to display reviews of a particular product, a whole line, or some featured reviews.

Where located Product Reviews element comes with 2 variations:

  • Review Widget
  • Review Carousel Product Reviews variation’s detail

Review Widget

This variation is used to show reviews of a particular product. Also, it allows your customer to submit new review for the product.

Important: This variation only works on Product page of PageFly.

Review Widget variation

Once you drag the element onto the Editor, it will pull all reviews of the assigned product. You can edit the widget styling in Product Reviews app.

Then, Save & Publish the page when you are happy with the design and placement of the element. Finally, check for the result on live page.

Result of Review Widget on live page

To display featured reviews on PageFly page, including shop reviews and product reviews, you can use Review Carousel.

Carousel can be used on any page type.

Review Carousel variation

First, open Product Reviews app >> choose Reviews.

After that, pick the reviews you want to display in the Review Carousel variation by selecting the “heart” icon.

Where to "featured" your reviews

Voilà! Below is how Product Reviews looks on live page.

Result of Review Carousel on live page



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