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In this article, you will learn about Google map element and how to use it.

About Google map element

The Google map element allows you to put the map directly from Google API so that your visitor can find your location easier in order to increase conversion rate. You can use the Google map element to display any physical location of your choice.

Where Google map element located

Google map element comes with Basic and Advanced map. Drag a variation the the layout and see how it can be configured

Google map element configuration

Google map element comes with plenty of parameters allowing you to fine-tune content appearance reaching the best possible conversion rate.

Select the element in layout to see its parameters.

Basic map

General tab configuration of Basic map

The parameters in General tab are specific for this element.

The parameters in Styling and Advanced tabs are common for all elements. Read about them in this article.

LocationType in your business’s address for Google Map to display. The map will show the location right away.
ZoomChoose to zoom in the map
Map typeChoose to display the map in roadmap graphic or satellite visual

Advanced map

In case you’ve chosen to use the advance map, as informed, you need to get the Google Map API key and add it into the map via the Google API Key field.

General tab configuration of Advanced map

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