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Interno is a Home page template. It includes 8 sections

Edit template Interno

1st section

This section has a background color, a Heading element, a  Paragraph element and an Image element.

In order to change the background color of this section, choose the Section > Styling tab > Background section > pick another color in the Color field.

Edit template Interno

To edit the content of a Heading or a Paragraph element, simply select that element > General tab > Settings section > Text field. Don’t forget to pick a suitable heading tag (good for SEO) for Heading element. Then, go to Styling tab to stylize the text.

Edit template Interno

In order to change the image in the Image element, choose the Image > General tab > Content section > change the source in Image field. Remember to set the option for Image Size, Image Style and pick a suitable text for Alt Text and Title Text (good for SEO).

Edit template Interno

2nd section

This section contains 6 Heading elements and 6 Image elements, you can refer to the previous section on how to modify them.

3rd section

This section has a Tab element that contains 3 tabs called New Arrivals, Featured and Best Sellers. You can edit the tab’s name or add new tabs by selecting the Tab element > General tab > Tabs section

Edit template Interno

Each of the tabs in the Tab element contains a Product List element, these Product lists are not linked to any collection yet and you can populate them by choosing the Product listGeneral tab > Filter section > pick the desired collection from your Shopify store in Collection field.

Edit template Interno

4th section

This section contains Heading elements, a Paragraph element and 3 Image elements, you can refer to the 1st section on how to modify them.

5th section

This section contains 2 Heading elements, 2 Paragraph element, a Button element and a Product list element. You can apply the same process mentioned in the 1st section to modify the Heading and Paragraph elements.

In order to modify the Button element, select the element > General tab > Settings section > edit the button’s message in Text field. There are various useful sections like Action and Tracking as well, you can also style the button in Styling tab.

Edit template Interno

The last element in this section is the Product list, please refer to the 3rd section on how to populate this element.

6th section

This section contains 6 Image elements showing 6 different logos, you can refer to the 1st section on how to change the image.

7th section

This section has 3 Image elements and a couple Heading elements on top of each image, the same steps in the 1st section can be applied to modify the content of these elements.

8th section

In order to display the images from the Instagram account of your choice in this section, pick the element > General tab > Settings section > Get Token then continue to login into Instagram and insert the generated token into Access Token field.

Edit template Interno