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Important: This feature is only available on the Pro plan

In this tutorial, we will deep dive into one of the most frequently used templates – Halo. PageFly users often use this template to create a beautiful product page.

Choose the template

To use that template, from the Template Library, just simply scroll down and click on the template itself. Then click on Start With This Template.

Pre-built template Halo in Template Library

Normally, a template contains many sections, and it would be a nightmare for you if you are not acquainted with that. PageFly provides you with an outline so that it is far easier for you to keep track of while you create your page.

Halo includes 9 sections. If you want to edit the template, simply navigate through them one by one.

Use Page Outline to check overall layout of the page

How to edit Halo

Change the background image of a section.

Change the background image in which there is a girl holding some slices of cucumber. In this example, we are trying to sell digital products. Hence, the background image of the first section needs to be changed.

Changing image background in the first section of template Halo

Insert a list of products that you sell on your store.

Because our website is created to sell a digital product, we desire to have a list of products. Halo offers an available one, and you can select a collection to display in that product list.

Linking a collection to Product list element in 2nd section of template Halo

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