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Cipi is a blog template, widely loved for its harmonic combination of images, video and texts.

About template Cipi

Pre-built template Cipi in Template Library

Cipi includes 3 sections:

Let’s look into it one by one.

1st section

This section only has an image background to catch the view’s attention or briefly introduce about the blog post.

To change the image background, choose the Section > Styling tab > Background section > change the source in Image field.

Remember to set the option for Position, Repeat, and Size.

Changing image background in the first section of template Cipi

To edit the height of the section, stay in Styling tab > Box Style section> edit Top and Bottom padding. 

Changing section high with padding in the first section of template Cipi

2nd section

This section has 3 columns.

The first and third column are used as two blank bars on the side for decorative and spacing purpose.

The second (middle) column contains multiple Heading, Paragraph, Image elements and one Youtube video element. You can change these elements to serve your content.

2nd section of template Cipi

To edit the content of a Heading or a Paragraph element, simply select that element > General tab > Settings section > Text field.

Don’t forget to pick a suitable heading tag (good for SEO) for Heading element. Then, go to the Styling tab to stylize the text.

Changing content of Heading and Paragraph element in 2nd section of template Cipi

To switch the video inserted in the Youtube element, select the element > General tab > insert another youtube link into Youtube Video URL field. There are options related to the video like Ratio, Loop, Autoplay, etc in the General tab as well.

Changing video of Youtube element in 2nd section of template Cipi

To change the image in the Image element, choose the Image > General tab > Content section > change the source in the Image field. Remember to set the option for Image Size, Image Style and pick a suitable text for Alt Text and Title Text (good for SEO).

Changing image of Image element in 2nd section of template Cipi

The List element is filled with the default text holder (“Lorem ipsum”). To change the content of the List, choose the List > General tab > List Item section > Add item or edit the existing one.

Changing content of List element in 2nd section of template Cipi

Lastly, the Product list element at the bottom can promote your products related to the content.

In the template, this element doesn’t link to any collection yet and you can populate it by choosing the Product list > General tab > Filter section > pick the desired collection from your Shopify store in Collection field.

Linking a collection to Product list element in 2nd section of template Cipi

3rd section

This section has a background color, a heading, a paragraph and a MailChimp elements.

To change the background color of this section, choose the Section > Styling tab > Background section > pick another color in the Color field or give it a background image in the Image field.

Changing background color of Section in 3rd section of template Cipi

Finally, if you want to use the MailChimp element, you will have to link it with your MailChimp account first. Please refer to this article for the detailed instruction.

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