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Important: This feature is only available on the Pro plan

In this article, you will learn about the Custom code editor and how to use it.

About Custom code editor

The Custom code editor allows you to insert custom CSS and Javascript code to the page. If you are looking to customize an element or create a new effect in the page, the Custom code editor can help to insert custom code and level up your page design, increasing the conversion rate of the store.

Important: This is an advanced feature which requires knowledge of web design languages such as HTML, CSS and Javascript. If you do not understand this feature, please avoid using it as it could seriously harm your page.

Inserting custom code

Navigate to the bottom left corner, hover over it to see feature Add custom Code popping up and make a left click.

Where Custom code editor located

Insert the custom code to the suitable section and hit the Update button.

Insert custom CSS and JVS code into your page


  • Custom CSS code: You don’t have to place any <style> tags in this area as they already added for your convenience.
  • Custom Javascript code: You don’t have to place any <script> tag in this area as they are already added for your convenience.

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