PageFly - Create password page

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Important: This feature is only available on the Premium plan

In this article, you will learn to create a password page and customize its design with PageFly.

Step 1: Activate password feature

First, activate the password feature by going to Shopify dashboard > Online Store > Preferences > Password protection.

Check Enable password box > Type in the password (and a message for visitors) > hit Save.

Password protection feature in Shopify Preferences

Step 2: Create a password page

In PageFly Dashboard, choose the “+” sign > New Password Page > Create password page.

Create a new PageFly password page

A new page is opened and the template library will pop up right away.

You can start out quickly with our template by navigating to Template Type > choose Password > pick 1 of the 3 password templates.

Template library

If you want to start from scratch, hit Start from blank. You are now free to let your creativity run wild.

This is how the live password page looks like with the option checked. The style of the password button is designed by the theme that you are using, not PageFly.

PageFly pre-built template for password page

If you don’t want users to be able to enter a password, then disable parameter “Allow visitor to view page by entering password” in Page Settings.

Allow visitor to use password to enter your store or not

The button to view the page with the password has been removed.

Button to view the page with password is removed

Step 3: Check mobile design

To check if the page is responsive on mobile, go to menu bar > choose Mobile from Device Switcher.

Device switcher on Top menu

Remember to hit Save & Publish when you’re done with the masterpiece!