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Important: This feature is only available on the Pro plan

In this article, you will learn about the the Advanced element and how to use them.

About Advanced element

Advanced can be used to create a data table, or add useful information (review section, product rating, etc.) to increase the conversion rate.

Where Advanced Element located

There are only two Advanced elements at the moment but we will continue to add more in the future to assist you on building your page.

Advanced element configuration

Advanced element includes Table and Custom HTML which have different parameters allowing you to fine-tune content appearance reaching the best possible conversion rate.

Table configuration

Drag the Table to the layout and select it to see its parameters.

General tab configuration of Table

The parameters in General tab are specific for this element.

The parameters in Styling and Advanced tabs are common for all elements. Read about them in this article.

StyleChoose a style for the table, including: Default, Basic, Striped Rows, Bordered Table, Hover Rows
ColumnsSet the number of columns
RowsSet the number of rows
Header RowsSet the number of row as header (from 0 to 5)
Header ColsSet the number of column as header (from 0 to 5)

Select the Cell to add in your content in General tab > Table Settings > Text

General tab configuration of Cell

Custom HTML configuration

Drag the Custom HTML to the layout and select it to see its parameters. Click on Open Editor to open the code editor where you can copy your HTML code in.

General tab configuration of Custom HTML

After inserting the HTML code into the code editor, click into the dark area to exit.

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