PageFly - Refund Policy

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In this article, you will learn the details of our refund policy.

Return Qualification

The refund request must be issued within 7 days from the date you purchased it. A refund request can be accepted only when a major problem has happened to your PageFly account, creating data loss or serious disturbance.

Since we provide a 14-day free trial of PageFly Premium to all users, we have no obligation to provide a refund in the following situations:

  • You have changed your mind about the app
  • You bought it by mistake
  • You do not have sufficient expertise to use the app
  • You ask for goodwill.
  • You ask for refunds of prior months.

How can I issue a refund?

If you have the intention to get a refund, please submit a ticket at our Help Center or via Live Chat from within PageFly app. If you encounter a problem in our app, it’s better to investigate into it and restore any data lost or disturbed. Therefore, please do not uninstall PageFly – we can only help if you still have your app. Once it’s uninstalled, there’s nothing we can do.

What will happen to your PageFly pages?

An issue for a refund with PageFly also means that you will stop using PageFly paid editions. If you decide to downgrade from PageFly to PageFly free edition, please refer to article PageFly – What happens if I downgrade?

If you decide to uninstall PageFly, please refer to this article PageFly – What happens if I uninstall?

How can you receive the refund?

If the refund request is approved, it will be done using the same manner you used to make the purchase. So if the app was bought using PayPal or credits/debits card, you will receive the refund by the same payment method. Any payments made to you will be made in US Dollars, under Shopify rules. Additionally, if you opt for the refund with Application Credit, please leave us a message on our Help Center.

When will you receive your refund?

Please expect the refund to be fully transferred within 5 business days after the day your request is approved.