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In this article, you will learn to integrate Google Analytics (GA) to track events and actions on your PageFly pages. Before you start, we recommend that you have GA set up in your store.

Step 1: Install GA tracking code into Shopify store

First, log in to your GA account. Then, select Admin > Property Settings > copy the Tracking ID (UA-xxxxxxxx-x) to clipboard.

Property Settings in GA admin

In a new tab, go to Shopify admin > Sales Channels > Online Store > Preferences > paste tracking ID to Google Analytics parameter.

GA Settings in Shopify

Step 2: Set up the code into PageFly page

In PageFly, GA integration is available in 4 elements: Heading, Image, Button and Add to cart button.

Trackable PageFly elementsSelect an element and:

  • Go to General tab > Tracking > Google Analytics.
  • Give an unique name to the event that will be fired when user click the element. In GA report, the event can be found in “Event Action”.

Here, you can also setup Facebook pixel integration.

Step 3: Make sure event firing properly

Let’s say, we have the Add to Cart button called “Help Alex & his friends” with GA event setup as “Help Alex”.

Example of GA integration

  • In GA, go to Reports > Real-time > Events.
  • Go to your page and click on the button.
  • Then go back to GA and you can see the name of the page and event action.

Example of GA integration 2

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