All about issues of using Shopify themes for PageFly pages

In this article, you will learn about all related issues to Shopify themes for PageFly pages.

Q1: Can I use 2 themes for PageFly pages?Click to copy

A: The answer is no, you cannot. You can use only 1 theme for PageFly pages.

Q2: Is it possible to preview the unpublished theme for PageFly pages?Click to copy

A: It’s impossible. PageFly pages only work with one published theme, so you have to publish the theme you want.

Q3: How can I make my PageFly pages use my new theme?Click to copy

A: Once you publish your theme or you migrate the PageFly contents from the old theme to the new one, PageFly pages will automatically use that theme.

In some cases, some PageFly pages haven’t been synced, so you need to check again and republish these pages.

For example, if your store has too many pages so it might reach the Shopify API limitation, then some pages might not be synced properly at one time, therefore, you should double-check all your PageFly pages.

Q4: My cart is not updated automatically when adding products. How can I fix this?Click to copy

A: Basically, PageFly works well with Shopify themes. However, with some themes, especially the cart mechanism working makes conflict with PageFly, therefore there is the cart drawer not updating automatically.

You can check this article for more details about the issue.

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